God’s Power

It is a shame that God created our world without adding any real medicine. Did he think we were going to stay healthful until we eventually learned how to create our own? 

It would have been wonderful if [he] would have given us an advantage. Imagine if the greens that we don’t eat could be used for something besides garnishment. The mud could be used for more than building castles. The flowers could have been so much more than a gift to display for birthdays. The whole world could have been different. 

Thankfully the gift of thought was bestowed upon us. We can think, learn, and create using all these useless items – depending on our ability to discover processes to yank essential building blocks from the plants, animals, soils, and oceans. 

Maybe we should thank each other instead, while we pray. God hasn’t done jack shit for us. He gave us useless trees and we created houses. He gave us dust and we made concrete to build larger buildings. He gave us intellect and we eventually learned how to create drugs.

Why even pray if there’s nothing outside of a miracle that will solve your problems? There’s nothing that can fix your woes outside of medicine. God hasn’t given you a cure – he’s not your doctor. Ask your doctor for a cure. Better yet, thank God for surgeons in your prayers; thank him for their fine motor skills and their sharp blades.  

If you think God wanted people to attempt to use his creation for their own wellness, then you obviously are a lunatic. His purpose for those things was purely cosmetic. The animals are our food, not our friends. The annoying yellow flowers in your yard are one of God’s mistakes – feel free to pluck or poison to rid them from the Earth. 


My enthusiasm for embellishments has ran thin. I have erased much, as the topic is broad. 

Yes, I get irritated when looked at crazy by strangers who ask questions and then not care for the answer, but it infuriates me when friends or family do. If you don’t care — don’t ask. If you want to change my opinion, then have a reason. If you disagree, then have a point to make. 

My mind is very open to your views. I cannot have a conversation where all my views are obviously wrong, as I have done research. I cannot sit by and listen to my claims as they are shot-down without evidence. 

If you believe in God — believe in the wonder of his creation. And if you don’t marvel at the wonder of this beautiful and mysterious world and the power within all of us and the rest of HIS creation, then NEVER dare ask me to believe in your god — I do not believe in that god. I believe in the god that gave us beautiful surroundings that enrich your life in mysterious ways. I believe each item has a purpose beyond asthetics and that we still haven’t learned the full use for anything. We have barely grazed the surface of knowledge. 

I also believe that you should stay away from doctors at all costs. That you should do all in your power to heal yourself, before you ask the guy with a knife to tell you what to do (he’s itching to use that blade on you). There is a great chance to cure yourself if you use extreme measures. The knife will only slow or change your problems without correcting the initial cause. 

Now, if you can prove that last sentence untrue – I WILL BOW BEFORE YOU AND WORSHIP – for you must be God. 
Otherwise, come by and let’s discuss, it’s enjoyable to learn and teach each other about these topics. 


2 thoughts on “God’s Power

  1. I may have gotten emotional that night. I steeped on it a bit. Either way, the juicing is on again. I’m just gonna use the counter space & keep trying to push it on mom . . . That was before my big batch on Sunday.


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