I’m all for herbs and natural remedies, but I stay away from drugs as much as possible. 

Headaches are rare for me, so if I get one, I assume it is from dehydration. Then when it hasn’t gone away the following day – I begin to ponder about medicine. I usually avoid taking anything until it has become annoying. My rare headache might last 36 hours before deciding to take an Aleve. Then the headache is gone in thirty minutes and life is grand again. 

I am definitely ignorant about medicine to a degree, since I avoid it. But I’ve come to realize that most folks are as well, they just take what they’re told. Mom told me the medicine she used, but I waited another day before trying it. Finally taking the pills, hoping that symptoms would be overpowered enough to go back to work. 

It is powerful stuff, the medicine definitely overpowers the majority of pain and strange sensations. But it does this by methods that slow your heal rate (possibly). 

I didn’t go back to work for fear of catching the flu while immune system is weakened – I know coworkers have gotten the flu this week. 

The gist of sinus treatment

  • Go to a doctor 10 – 14 days after symptoms appear, unless there’s blood or spead to different sinus cavaties. The doctor will give you steroids, antibiotics, nose sprays, etc. 
  • The specific antibiotic may not work. Take the full dose anyway and go get another strain when finished. 
  • Ultimately, the antibiotics should work and you’ll likely be free of infection within ten days. But your gut flora is all [mostly] dead and you would be advised to replenish it (the doctor may not advise you of this). 

Best healing treatments

Keeping the airway moist will help more than anything, but it can be a hassle.  

  • Using horseradish, ginger, pepper, garlic, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and many other types of herbs or essential oils – added to a pot of boiled water – to inhale steam. 
  • Wet rag over mouth will humidify your breath and help to filter the air for your already blocked sinuses. 
  • Long hot bath/shower 

Over the last several years, anytime I get sick or injured, my first step is to begin a bowel cleanse. Once that has begun, I will consider other options. Luckily, for this experience, I had already begun the cleanse – just not far into it. 

The stoic in me puts up with the discomfort long enough for the holistic side to go through a cleanse, typically. 

Now, my bowel is emptied [15lbs] of the normal backup of waste. And I feel I have a better chance at beating this naturally. In the end I may wind up back at the doctor for standard procedure, but I have to follow my gut. [pun intended] 

I must attempt what I believe is the best action, until it becomes life or death in the immediate future. 

The unfortunate part of the cleanse is that it takes another couple weeks to really get the clean on. If the infection and pain doesn’t clear by the 14 day mark, then I’ll be wanting to get antibiotics. By then, step 3 (parasite removal) will be in process and this does wonders for the body. Perhaps it will help this too. 

Either way, I will have my experience to learn from. This goes for all problems, not just medical. 

  1. If my plan works, it will reinforce my views. 
  2. If my plan fails, it will reinforce my views still. But, I’ll be more hardcore the next time around. And I’ll look deeper into the subject matter. 
  3. And there’s always the option of easy – do what everybody else does. That’s difficult to wrap my mind around in most situations, honestly. 


4 thoughts on “TO MEDICATE OR NOT

  1. Ben Dover

    For sinus infections/irritations I’ve found regular old saline spray works the best for moisture.

    If you are on high dose antibiotics like amoxicillin my G.I doc and G.P. strongly taking some probiotics to help with gut flora. Take it 8-12 hours after the time you take your antibiotics so they have time to work.

    ignore the price, dunno why walgreens is so expensive. i bought my bottle from publix for 10 bucks.

    Take some damn tylenol and get rid of your headache and not rub motor oil on your face or whatever hippie crap it is you’re doing


    1. Ben Dover

      that last thing about hippie crap sounded a little mean over text when i reread it after i’ve submitted it. you know me and that i’m messing with you and i’ve had some jack daniels this evening.


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