Does the Forsyth Farmers’ Market Deliver Food Boxes?

My query to the Forsyth Farmers’ Market campaign. Sent through their contact page. 

Hi Forsyth Farmers’ Market,
I’m trying to find out if there is an option to get fresh produce delivered. 

On Saturdays that I go downtown, I like to stay all afternoon; instead of returning quickly home to refrigerate. Otherwise, the hot Savannah sunlight will wilt all greens and begin to breakdown other items. 

Also, many elderly folks haven’t been downtown in decades. They won’t or can’t travel to that area. 

I would love to support the cause. I was involved in the Green Truck project at Savannah Tech and became excited about the idea, yet due to time constraints and long travel time, have not been able use your services. 

Checkout, where I’ll be posting my query and your reply for my small audience. 

Any information would be appreciated. Even if it is to offer another avenue to get produce boxes delivered. 

Thanks in advance,


Courtesy of Google Maps.


2 thoughts on “Does the Forsyth Farmers’ Market Deliver Food Boxes?

    1. That is nice. But I meant home delivery.

      “The current Farm Truck stops include:

      Department of Family & Children Services
      Monday: 10am-11:30am
      Savannah Gardens
      Monday: 3pm-4pm
      Sustainable Fellwood
      Tuesday: 1pm-2pm
      Sheppard’s Gas and Food Mart
      Thursday: 1pm-2pm
      WW Law Community Center
      Thursday: 3pm-4pm”

      Sorry for being negative, but it doesn’t sound very conducive to normal work schedules.

      Sponsoring sounds great, but I want fresh, local veggies – even though I’m not in the same need category as their target.


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