Another Sick Day

This is beginning to break the bank. 

Yesterday’s absence knocked 20% (actually ~18% due to change in tax bracket with the income loss) off of my week’s income. Today, it should be about the same, though I don’t know if the tax bracket will continually shift. 

Last month, lost 6 days (of 22) to unpaid vacation, about a 27% loss of normal monthly income. It would not be an issue if I weren’t underpaid for my position. And the same goes for the start of this year. I have three days off of the first 8 week days, a 37.5% paycut. If I manage to show up tomorrow, I’ll have a 13.6% cut for the month (22 div by 3). That’s two months averaging a loss of 20.3%. That blows. 

On the positive side, I bet I’ll drop ten pounds from this. I drank a hundred calories of food (cold-pressed juice & kombucha) yesterday and barely broke a thousand the day before. Today, I anticipate nearly the same as yesterday. That’s a reduction of around 6,500 kcal in three days – nearly two pounds, alone. 

It isn’t much different than my plans, minus the headache that won’t go away – and the paycut. Actually, the headache will appear during a fast on occasion as well, but not like this. You have a high chance to get flu-like symptoms mid-fast, also. This is due to the release of toxins into your bloodstream caused by the fast. The symptoms come and go, ultimately building your tolerance to discomfort. 

[Edit_Friday the 13th]

  • Down in weight ~15 pounds, from ~250 to 234.5 at noon today. 
  • 4 days no pay; bossman says I can make up some next week, but hasn’t said how. Normally I’m not allowed OT unless it’s really needed. (Like twenty hours OT over 21 months).

I want to ask the young artist, “Is this a sail boat or shrimping rig?” Yet all the little kids aren’t around – so quiet!!

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