Is it “okay” to see a non-doctor type of health practitioner while ill?

This question is multi faceted as most topics tend to be. The health practitioners in question are often doctors in their own professions, but they aren’t the standard “sick doctor”. Chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and other Eastern practices. 

I imagine the Eastern doctor wants you to come in sick. But what about the others? 

This is where the question splits into two. 

  • Is it ethical (cool) to come in for a regular or even special visit while ill? 
  • Is it beneficial (or even cause negative effects) to attend while in the midst of sickness?

This is a topic that I struggle with and subtly mention during chiropractor visits, but have never achieved an answer. 

Yesterday, I felt 10x better and thought I was on the healing end. Got cracked by a chiropractor and felt great until I got home later. I soon went into fever, sleeping eighteen hours, and missing today’s work day. Did the chiro visit possibly open a pathway that should have been shut? Was being cracked a bad idea or coincidental to the fever?

On yesterday, I also scheduled a thirty minute massage. Been hankering to do this for years. With the way I was feeling (recovery), it is cool to show up – just a stuffy head. But now, feeling like doodoo, is it okay? I’m sure a gentle massage is beneficial, you can look at any article regarding the healing effects of massage and know it can be great. But will they hate you for bringing your illness into their office?


3 thoughts on “Is it “okay” to see a non-doctor type of health practitioner while ill?

  1. Ben Dover

    If you are sick, stay home. You are contagious the day before you feel bad and up to a week after initially getting sick with the common cold. It’s not beneficial to go see a chiropractor or get a massage when you are sick.


    1. Did some investigation after that post. The chiros all say to come in sick, and say there’s no harm. But the massage people seem mixed; explaining that it will help expel toxins, but you’ll feel sicker by the new rush off toxins.

      I expected that with the chiro as well, but couldn’t find anything to validate the expectation.


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