I sit in my vehicle more than what % of the population?

That’s a thing I often think of. I’ve never attempted to look up any stats as I imagine it is a stat that few care about – unless for seat manufacturers possibly. I have been sitting here since the last half hour of sunlight – it is now 9:09. That is about 4 hours. I have gotten out to stretch on occasion. 

I initially parked here so that I could sunbathe a bit. Positioning my car so that the light would fall upon my bare chest. I parked in the spot, farthest from the exit so not many would ride by. Then after the sun went down, I continued to watch videos, peruse fb, lookup random things, and eventually picking up the blog to narrate onto. 

Most times when I go somewhere, I’ll hang in my truck for a bit before I go in. Then after leaving, I’ll lounge in my seat listening to the radio. It is common for me to spend an additional four hours or so in the driver’s seat – not counting driving time – each day. 

How many others are like me in that respect? 

I have always been like this. I see no other way. Public spaces aren’t welcoming to aimless sitters. A massive parking lot that hosts hundreds of busy people darting around provides a cover for the car that’s been idle for two hours, even if bare feet are propped on the side mirror. A hundred people come and go each hour, while I gaurd the lot. Sometimes I’ll just people watch and wonder what they think of the ‘guy in the truck’ who they see often, parked crooked across three spots in the middle of the parking lot. 

It’s funny sometimes. In early December, I had a random kid come talk to me while I sat at the gas pump, feet propped on mirror. He was sixteen or so, liked my truck, and talked my ear off for a solid hour. Over the next two weeks, leading up to the new car purchase, he’d see me at the same spot. He, mostly, did the talking. He came and talked several times. He wanted to exchange contact info – but hey, maybe he’s crazy. Haven’t seen him since I got the new car, yet I haven’t sat in my old spot nearly as much. He’ll spot my feet propped on the mirror one day. 


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