(Observed) Holidays 

Today is an observed holiday. I get one free day off to observe the holiday that I had on the previous day. 

Oh come on Mr Politician just declare yourself to get the rest of the year off while you are at it. Who EVER saves the New Year’s Countdown till the next day? 

It’s not all that relative, like Georgia celebrating before Colorado, we’d both be incorrect–[doesn’t time start in Greenwich, England? GMT-0]. You would be crazy to celebrate the next day or perhaps you would just flat-out be a liar. It’s that way for all. 

If you miss your scheduled party because you were at another party that was also scheduled at the exact same moment, then how can you go back and say you need another party. ESPECIALLY KNOWING full and well that you aren’t going to have a replacement party, cause it was all a lie to get a day off. 

Just because the holiday happens to land on a Sunday. 

What a crock. 


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