New Years Day Ritual Foods 2017

Each time this day rolls around, since my highschool days, I try to remember the traditional foods. 

One year, we had compiled a great list pre-new years and planned to cook or seek out the entrees. Hit a major snag with collard greens while realizing that most folks must be missing out on their once in a year opportunity to boost their monetary potential. It seems we got four of the seven or so entrees. 

Last year I straight-up skipped greens because I knew it was utterly pointless.

The list is, to my recollection: 

  • Peas for Luck
  • Greens for $$
  • Hog JOWLS for Health 

That’s all I can think of now. It’s 9:45am, as I recall more, I will update this. As for now, I started with bacon & pancakes. 

  • Can I count the bacon as my jowls?
  • What is a jowl really anyway?
  • Have I ever even eaten one?
  • Jowl = Jaw (correct??)
  • If jowl is jaw then traditional Brunswick Stew is perfect since the entire boar’s head is placed in the stew pot. Jaws, eyeballs, brains, and all the rest. But is this really made anywhere these days?

Did not eat anything traditional. Unless you count the bacon as pork and pork as hog jowls; then my health is secured. That’s all that really matters anyhow — keeping healthful. 

But there goes my money & luck!!

Good thing I’m a skeptic. I’ve walked under way too many ladders in my CATV contract days! 


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