Started lifting, eating more, feeling strong and flexible but my gut has been poking out more again. Maybe more than before. Not sure what’s up there, bloating  — maybe from all the attacking bugs around. Several people with different symptoms have been all around lately.

I need to do the ole total bowel cleanse again. I have done mini versions. As in up to a light colon cleanse: lots water a few weeks and finish with a month of colon cleanse powders, with a few full veggie days but not many.

The couple months leading up to this job were crazy busy with school and house remodeling. At the same time, I was deep into a serious and extensive bowel cleanse where I got to within a couple days of doing the gallbladder step. I drank herbal teas all day long, nearly 8 cups a day in the last two weeks. Ate vegan 90% of the time and only ate-out a couple times in the month. I lasted until i was overwhelmed within a few days of finals for school while balancing the other situation of house guest and remodel.

*Removed picture of Dr. Richard Shulze. Needed to note his name, as an article for his work is upcoming.



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