Cut the Cable?

I just tried to access my account and I have no clue what the info is. Automatic payments have been in effect from the beginning. Their customer support is pretty much nonexistent once they have you as a customer. 

$72.78 each month for service 

$9.99 each month for Netflix 

$82.87 each month for movies and dependable internet for home. 

Let’s see how much use I get by estimation, first. As for later, I need to shutdown the modem and see if my iPhone’s connection is affected much. Also to see usage differences as wifi does soak up a chunk for music when the tv isn’t being used. Also, I need to learn if and how costly of a termination fee there is — not sure if I did the 1yr agreement. 

For comparison sakes it would be fairly sufficient to use the quantity of RedBox videos one could rent at the same entertainment cost. This number is 55 DVD (or 41 blueray) rentals and this is 1.8 movies per day or 9 movies over 5 days. However this number does not account for any internet usage. 

As an estimate to the amount of tv I watch would vary wildly from week to week. I go through phases of coming home to lie down for rest, only to stay until morning’s alarm. I’ll go weeks like that, then like now–snap out of it and become bored of the lying about and wasting time. 

For the extreme weeks, we could say 6pm to 1am (7hr x 5) & 12hr (12hr x 2), that is 59hr/wk or 253hr/mo. 

  • $80 divided by 250hr = $0.32/hr

For a more normal week, perhaps 3hr/weeknights & 6hr/weekends to be: 4.3[(3 x 5)+(6 x 2) = 4.3 x (15 + 12) = 4.3 x 27 = 116.1hr/mo

  • $80 divided by 116 ~ $0.67/hr

All that is just for curiosity sakes. What really needs to happen is to just let go of it again and get it back out of my life. It annoys me to see the unused digital box sitting there — unplugged but still there. I never wanted it, but “it’s part of the deal.” I used it once and the connection was laughable; and makes me wonder if the internet speed is slowed because of the poor connection. Then the box has every channel in the world with my 15 or so channels mixed in – why can’t it just show my fifteen?

Oooop, there goes New Years Day. It is now 12:28am on the 2nd!


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