another financial blog . . .

After reading my all time favorite blog that totally tipped my world on its axis, I am usually let down by some of the same copied and renamed spittle. 

My first glimpse of financial planning was from Dave Ramsey, the ex listened to him. I got hooked quick; also hooked hardcore, like I turned middle aged overnight, to conservative talk radio. Ole Dave’s main plan which I will not copyright on is a fantastic plan. It is very rigid and easy to follow in methodology. Likewise suited to the general population who are stuck in their boxes, scared to peak out. The blog that I just looked at will go un-named but was exactly the same except for he used a 2,000 safeguard versus 1,000. Like wth man, get creative, do more than that and change the name. So pathetic. I read three of Dave’s books, Total Makeover (the best and very eye-opening at the time), his 2nd book (nearly the same as 1st but setup differently), book 3 was Entree Leadership (i think, but it wasn’t financially based, okay read anyway). I have since moved beyond the one theory of wealth building. I do agree much of what he says to be true, but I could never be so strict in theory without trying my own theories too. 

That’s one reason that I could not put my own blog into that exact direction. I am very interested in the personal finance and it’s overlap to entrepreneurship. I have plans to run some type of business one of these days. I couldn’t think of enough variety that isn’t a near duplicate of what has already been said. Not til their own blogs are still running current and prove strong in using web searches. I’m just another rewording until i gain my overhead view of how I got to where I am now. Which this crazily named website may be a launching point to where I bound from. Then I can really share my voice.

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