This information comes from several sources that I will attempt to list. I did this research around March of 2015, at the start of my first real cleanse. 

Order of Cleansing of the Organs 

  1. Kidneys
  2. Colon
  3. * Parasite Cleanse (EVERY organ)
  4. Liver
  5. Gall Bladder 
  6. Small Intestine 
  7. Blood

The processes used to cleanse each organ vary. Each step helps to increase the probability of completing the following step with less discomfort. Without following the order, you may cause great discomfort. I will note examples as we go. 

The #1 thing to go buy: Digestive Enzymes. In my opinion, using enzymes at each meal is the *largest boost to your nutrition possible. (*Until you are consuming mostly vegetables as your regular diet). See bottom of page for a list of recommendations

Add mineral supplementation (chelated? I need to investigate)

Adding probiotics through capsules, kombucha, and other fermented foods is very beneficial if you can afford additional costs. 

Staying totally away from all dairy products, including cheese is very important. *But if you slip, be sure to take lactose tablets. Dairy causes bloating that you would never have noticed before this cleanse. It can cause excessive gas and lead to clumping in the colon. 

    1. Kidneys – drink lots of water, (& begin to eat more naturally)

    Duration: 1 week (2 at most)

    • This is wonderful to do for the duration of the cleanse, but in this phase it is great to step it up a notch. 
    • Be careful not to exceed the limit for water intoxication. The limits are difficult to surpass as long as you feel your way through and don’t go crazy.
    • My limit is around 1 quart per hour (6’2″, 200-250lb male). Anything more and I start to feel crazy in the head. 
    • That is a sign that you are thinning the density of electrolytes in your body. Losing ability for the electronic circuitry in it to communicate properly. 
    • That is a lot of fluids, however. An 8 hour work day gives ample time for a full 2 gallons. Then you have another 6-8 waking hours. That could be another 1-1/2 – 2 gallons, I’ve never drank over 3 gallons in a day. Stick near 2 gallons per day, interspersed throughoutand slow down before bed. 

      2. Colon – this step is all about adopting a diet that resembles that of a healthful vegan. Though I recommend an 8 oz delicious, grass-fed, locally farmed steak cooked to a nice pink medium-rare once each week. 

      Duration: 30 – 45 days.

          Colon = Large Intestine: The colon is the first major step in your cleanse journey. 
          Most people will give-up a couple weeks into this phase

          • Your results will show in “disgusting ways” if you stick with your convictions. Results certainly vary – depending on your level of cleaning
          • There are many techniques, herbs, and the like to stimulate or relax the colon as you proceed. That will be discussed later. 
          • Self massage along the path of the colon is highly advised, as blockages can occur if you are not eating enough bulk of vegetables. Leafy greens, onions, and cabage eaten in abundance helps greatly with that issue as well. 
          • There are certainly more items to discuss. Look further down for that info. 

          Side note, if you are like me currently (50 lbs overweight), expect to drop twenty pounds this month. See further down for the reasons. 
          3. Parasite Cleanse – this one can be tricky. This part of the cleanse may open your eyes to disturbing facts of the “normal American” body.

          During the parasite cleanse, an abundance of these parasites may be dying within your system, before they are flushed out. This releases toxins such as ammonia. You have a high chance to feel ill during this process, be gentle and use low doses in the beginning

          • Details further down, yet the overall strategy is to use herbs, amino acids, and clays to rid the parasites. 
          • The first step is to upset the parasites’ environment. Some will travel towards the rectum and be evacuated ‘live’. 
          • As progression increases, other herbs and clays are encouraged for use. 
          • During the entire process, it is helpful to take a supplement of Ornithine & Arginine.  These two amino acids help to detox the ammonia. 
          • Herbs of interest: black walnut hulls, wormwood, & common cloves

            4. Liver – process: (need to investigate again)

            Duration: To be determined 

            The liver screens the blood for toxins, viruses, bacteria, etc. It also screens alcohol and drugs while serving a major role in the immune system. The liver breaks down fats to remove toxins by creating bile. 


            This is as far as I have gotten. I was in the final stages of this program when I was in the midst of a plumbing project at home, finals week (graduation the next week!), and several job interviews. The cleanse soon stopped when I was hired on to my current position. 


            5. Gall Bladder – (need to research this) [has to do with a wierd process of opening up valves by drinking olive oil – then flushing the stones with water]

            Duration: (need research), [but I recall it being quick, like 5 times minimum and upwards to as high as you want until no more stones are coming out]

            6. Small Intestine – (need research)

            The small intestine absorbs nutrients from food in the stomach. Excessive mucous and acidic foods will buildup here.

            **[WARNING]I believe this is the phase where the remaining mucoid plaque allegedly is evacuated. Look it up, but it is disgusting with anything beyond this Wikipedia link. If you WANT to see the disgusting pictures, here is a good post. 

            7. Blood – (need research)

            Blood cleanses toxins, fungi, bacteria, and viruses from the bloodstream. This will improve circulation. 

            Herbs, sorted by usage:

            1. Feeding the White Bood Cells (WBC’s)

            • Rose Hip
            • Hydrangea Arbrescens
            • Brazilian Nut (source of Selenium)

            2. Parasite Cleanse (3 week course)

            • *Arginine & *Ornithine (amino acids)
            • Green Black Walnut Hulls
            • Wormwood 
            • Cloves

            3. Kidney Cleanse 

            • *Vitamin B6
            • *Magnesium Oxide 
            • Hydrangea Arbrescens
            • Gravelroot
            • Marshmallow
            • Black Cherry Concentrate
            • Goldenrod 
            • Ginger 
            • Bearberry
            • Parsley 

            4. Bowel Program 

              • *Lugols’ Iodine 
              • *Digestive Enzymes 
              • *Magnesium Oxide 
              • *Betaine Hydrochloride 
              • Turmeric 
              • Fennel Seeds
              • Cascara Sagrada
              • Black Walnut Tincture 

              5. Liver Cleanse 

              • *Ornithine
              • Ozonated Olive Oil
              • Pink Grapefruit Juice 
              • Black Walnut Tincture 

              I will be expanding this article very soon, I first have to get deeper into the groove before I continue the research. What I have listed will be plenty for 2 months, for now 

              Resources & Related Information

              Dr. Sebi at naturallifeenergy.com
              Dr. Sebi products


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