My reminder to go to the DMV after work tomorrow cause the Savannah CARMAX can’t handle a $15 fee on their own when it’s their own fault. 

“We didn’t know your tag was expired,” she says. 

I made full clear to the billing attendant that it’s my birthday and the registration expires [today]. 

“Oh, it wasn’t me.”

You just said [we]. Didn’t [you] say that the only thing I have to worry about is my first payment on February 4th? Aren’t y’all supposed to hold up your side of the arrangement instead of pushing your problems on to me?

I soon hung up, fuming mad. I cannot argue with someone who wasn’t even involved with the deal. She can’t change anything; unless she could and she was a horse’s butt, I don’t know. They should take the $ out of the 1,500 or whatever they claim out the deal.

I just really hate the dishonesty car dealers add to this already pain in the butt process. 


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