I will be experimenting with advertisements on this site

So tell me what it’s like. I’m looking at minterest.org for information. It is interesting to see the results, but I doubt this site would earn anything significant enough to matter. 

As of now, I’ve gotten 1,413 views from 146 people. (1,184 views from 117 people on 12/30/16). 229 views & 29 new people in 7 days. 

If that held constant, and using the (not really comparible) example ratios, then:

  • The example: 20,000 unique visitors per day to generate 30,000+ page views that can turn $274/day, translating to $100,000/yr. 
  • The example uses a bounce rate of 1.5, which means for each two unique visitors, one will look at a 2nd post while the other visitor only looks at the initial page and then ‘bounces’ to a different site. 

If my stats are true, then there is a bounce rate ~8. Yet my daily rate of visitors being 29 in 7 days is just 4.14/day. 229 posts divided by 7 days is 32.7 views per day. 

1. By Visitors:

  • 4.14/20,000 = 0.000207 of volume
  • 100k x 0.000207% = $20.70

2. By Views:

  • 32.7/30,000 = 0.00109
  • 100k x 0.00109 = $109

If this held true, #1 is nice, but not worth advertisements. While #2 would fully pay for the year’s maintenance costs. 

It would be interesting to think of a niche and roll with it. Build it up quick in a popular targeted market that has good profits without too much work. Add the ads and see what happens. If could get small results from a few sites, it could add up to be a success. Sounds like a lot of work though. Would likely need to find assistance in getting enough articles written. 

The ads aren’t coming today, but I do want to check it out soon. 


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