I Feel the Cleanse Grabbing Hold of my Consciousness 

In order to watch tv, I have to reorganize my bedroom. I just cleaned out the room pretty well and in the process I unplugged everything but the modem. There are enough cords, wires, and cables to fill two plastic shopping bags. I had a ps3, digi box, modem, all those cables, and a 40″ tv hogging up all my floor space. I’m tired of it right now. 

There is something about the cleanse process that makes me want to toss all my time-wasting crap out the door. I tend to go on a minimalist rampage. The cleanse of the organs is the goal, but the result tends to be life altering each time. 

Each time I’ve done this, I have tossed some memorabilia. I would go through my junk boxes and read anything I come across. I would think about where the objects came from and which memories they held. I would hold it to get a sense of it and then make the decision to keep or chunk. Lots of crap that only had negative feelings associated with – got trashed. The first round took care of that part. 

The second time was a half a year later and during that cleanse I tossed even more crap. A majority was old drawings, sketches, & doodles in several different packages. I looked through many sheets and notebooks and kept a good stack’s worth, but trashed much more. I kept things that I don’t often think of, but nothing of my ongoing mindset unless it was special or drawn well and had a great idea. 

The next time was around a year later. I still had a box with fifty or so magazines like Boy’s Life, Time, National Geographic, and Popular Science. I skimmed through a couple and then tossed the whole box in the recycling bin. Then I tossed the 2 pairs of $200 boots I had, each pair having the sole torn off a bit. I planned to resole them, but toted them around for ten years first — trash. I almost regret that, but I’m not putting a rubber combat boot sole on a nice pair of boots and that’s all our pathetic local cobbler offers. 

This time, there’s not much left. Besides the tobacco. I plan to quit soon. Like I want to now, but I am scared of it. I know that if you quit while your body is in peak efficiency mode (mid cleanse), it makes the DTs calmer. Not that it’s truly DTs, it makes me feel sick, angry, and on the everpresent brink of violence. I’m only a week in now, another week or two and I’ll be almost through the 1st phase. Then is the time to do it. 

I think this round will not lead to removal of objects, but ideas. However, I know for a fact there’s junk I already need to toss, that will come soon. 

+ I really need to find my old research notebook from the cleansing. I had detailed herbs and essential oils to use, noting their phase usage. I have the whole cleanse process written out including the order of the organs, as you should do a cleanse in a specific order. This is because one organ feeds the next. If you skip, there’s great chance for increased irritability, no harm really, but it could feel like it. 


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