Agility Training with Racquetballs

Using a portion of my living room, I have placed a boundary to sit within. There are many surface angles to pick between due to using furniture as lean-to supports. I have boxes of flooring that I really need to install, but I’m using them temporarily for this. 

While sitting upright on shins, pillow, or cross-legged, you have an optimal height for tossing the racquetballs at the planks. The idea is to play catch with yourself, using any kind of trick you want to try. 

I ended up having fun trying to line-drive the ball, using a quick arm thrust, like a palm strike, allowing the ball to escape from the palm with fingers pointing upwards. Then attempting to catch it while arm is still fully extended and hand is open. 

Here’s my setup. 

This is also a way to use obstacles as a training tool. Each time I walk across, I lift my knee high as possible. There is also a bike inbetween the kitchen-path obstacles. I’ll swing my leg high over it like a slow kick sometimes. It’s been like this only a week. 

I dig the obstacles, cause it forces you to move in abnormal ways of typical life.  Lifting of the knees works your hip flexors which get underused BIG time by office workers like myself. 

It has been annoying like twice. Not bad.


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