1st Night of Sleep in the New Car

Last night was New Years of 2017 and with the overwhelming numbers of police and drunk drivers that hit the streets in an overall sheepish behavior, I sleep in my car to avoid the chaos. 

The 2014 chevy cruze sits fairly reclined, yet has an arch at the hinge that pushes the back out of whack. 

So I decided to push the passenger seat forward to allow room in the rear to fold-down half of the rear seat, exposing the trunk. I had to rearrange the trunk items to fit decently. If the outdoors were actually cold, I believe it is dangerous to run the car with that seat open [carbon monoxide] and thus would require blanket(s) or a sleeping bag. I stripped down to underwear and used the large green towel that stays in the trunk (to sit upon for lunch breaks in the woods) for cover. There were also some other clothes that I curled up in. 
Overall, I fit in various positions:

  1. diagonal – passenger side to driver’s brake light
  2. Fetal on left or right side
  3. Parallel to the length of the car, near center – but with legs crossed (indian style)
  4. Same as 3, (body at slight diagonal), but feet on passenger brake light and head propped on driver’s seat

Each position was a bit comfortable for twenty two seconds and then it would get uncomfortable. To the point of a constant wake & position change. I only slept 3 or 4 hours. Woke up moderately sore. 
Results are uncertain as I may be feeling a cold coming on so I’m not sure if my body soreness is attributed to any of these causes:

  • Sleeping in a car
  • Not sleeping enough 
  • Training soreness
  • Viruses infiltrating my defenses 
  • I know it is not from drinking, I drank zero 


I need a van. Or perhaps an suv with the seats removed. 

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