New Years Resolutions

Time for resolutions again!!

Fresh start and all that jazz huh?


I pass. No resolutions based on the start of a year. Pointless in my view. Change now or don’t. I’m way to planned of a person to care about new year’s goals. I have milestones to hit before I take action. 

Or I’ll get a wild hair up my tail and jump planned execution dates, but that’s rare and tends to be more in the realm of Deciding to shave away the beard I’ve been proudly growing for the last nine months on a whim. Or, with the beard again, carving a mean set of chops out of the overgrown beard. Then realizing the next week that although it was a ton of fun to showup at a friend’s birthday party with burly Elvis-style chops, it could have also been great to do that for Hallow’s Eve two weeks later (oops – but oh well)!

New Years Resolutions will be the same as in the last couple years. 

Resolve to:

  • Do less stupid stuff 
  • Do more good stuff 
  • Try to invest according to your plan

That’s it, but for my early New Years plans:

I will be attempting to eat at a level of wellness that should equal the badness of my current style. I would love for this to persist at a moderate level for eternity but I’m aiming for a cleanse that should last two months. If I can do as I have done multiple times in the last few years, I aim to eat only plants and animals — no boxed food, bread, pop tarts, etc. And with that, eating meat only once or so per week. 

I’ll be taking herbal treatments to aid with the cleanse, such as Renew Life’s Bowel Cleanse which is loaded with oat bran, other bulk fibers, and herbs such as slippery elm & marshmallow root. I have no plans for enimas – neither the deep or standard type, no coffee enimas for me quite yet. I was definitely considering it when I was far along with my last major cleanse. I had gotten so far that the next step was removal of baby gallstones through the liver cleanse. 

[WARNING] And this was AFTER the parasite cleanse. And it was real!! I saw so much strange looking stuff come out of my rear that I was amazed. I remember seeing half inch long sections of a tubelike body with individualized segments (worm? Dunno was fat and a color like slightly yellowed teeth). Then another time I swear there was a 2 foot chunk of something that had to have been a tapeworm. I say 2 foot, but it felt like 7 foot. I didn’t dig thru the bulk even though I was extremely tempted on that instance. There is also a substance called [WARNING] Mucoid Plaque and it is absolutely disgusting but I had such interest to see any perculate. I didn’t see it, but I wonder if any was evacuated with the parasites — cause there truly were some disturbing moments while looking at my scat.

...I’ll certainly go back into gruesome details in a later discussion over the bowel cleanse process, until then…

The warning is over. So with a cleanse, there’s always weight loss. I expect there will be a few occasions of multi-day water fasting in there. A few days of juice fasting. A few days of eating nothing but weird stuff like olive oil (cause it’s super easy, healthful, transportable, cost effective, energy dense, and tasty) and nuts. Coworkers will pick at me for eating cashews with a spoon that I dip in coconut oil – delicious. I’ll transition through phases of eating every hour on the hour to days where I eat 3,000 calories worth of food in one sitting and then none for twenty four hours. 

An amazing aspect of the body is in its ability to adapt to lifestyle changes. In particular to diet, once carbohydrates are reduced to the <50g/day mark, ketogenesis begins. This greatly improves the breakdown of fats into energy. The body will adapt to this state when required — but it will not transition quickly without training the transition. Or in other words, without fasting from carbs [or a standard water fast]. And you must do it repeatedly to achieve an easy transition. Most people give up and worry they will die. But you must persist through the initial “starvation” headaches by drinking more water or eating salt or drinking fresh vegetable juice. 

Rant over, it’s 3:10 in the a.m. on new years day. Sitting in my new car with rain drizzling overhead. The fireworks have ended and so have the majority of gunshots. My bladder is full and I need to run to the bushes ‘over there’ again. I still have one quart eggnog and a box of pop tarts at the house, so no fast on the 1st (soon though). I will need to hunt down Ritual Foods today. Adios. 

That’s pretty cool. Noticed the time says 2:22 when I snapped that screenshot.
Makes me feel safer while I sit in my car.


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