An office would be lovely to have one day. A nice cozy area to sit and work, where all my tools are properly put back into their homes. Back to shadow-boxed drawers and labeled shelves, closed out of eyesight to limit the appearance of chaos. 

In my mind, as I first started thinking in this way, I initially thought of a bedroll or mattress as the centerpiece of the room. Until I thought the word office, there was no thought of work. I was thinking about a neat place to lay about and draw. Then I mention that word and the image of a desk immediately pops into my room. 

I didn’t even have walls in my room yet!! My daydream of a thought had envisioned an empty white room where lines were sketched out to show the footprint of walls. There were no features present in the room — still blank. But now there’s this stupid desk that I hate.

The desk is a fabulous concept, yet the intent of the desk is to keep you seated traditionally and remain at an acceptable working height so that you may slave away all day. I don’t like to sit in a traditional manner and I’d rather not sit all day in that same way. Not that I do; I sit cross-legged, on one leg, on other leg, feet reclined on back panel of underside of desk, half lotus position, or prop my feet on any feature under the desk. My feet hit the floor to walk or spin/move my chair — otherwise, feet are reclined. Heck, occasionally I’ll squat on the floor in front of the keyboard instead of sitting. And I would love to sit on my shins — but the desk height is way above that. 

So here we are, stuck with stupid cause folks fear the unknown. 

If I cared for quotes, I’d plop in the quote that goes like: the thing to fear is not change, but of stagnation. 

Is a killer of hundreds of thousands or millions of people really just a trivial concept that should be left to the original designer hundreds of years in the past? The idea of now that sitting is the new smoking is very likely true – and just as likely to be a much deadlier foe than smoking ever was. 

The concept for a desk should first have a surface with variable height adjustments or a more fluid system that locks at any height. 

The chair that is involved in the endeavor has just as much to blame really, if not more. It gets in the way of everything. Remove that annoyance and lower the tabletop to around sixteen inches high and you now have a chair again — the floor. Now go get a pillow for your delicate butt if you need. 

I almost cut into the backrest, but I love to recline. I’d like to see those gaming seats put into use (single piece, L-shaped, low to floor). I would alternate between different contours of that seat style and a cushion with no back. 

The obliterated concern is for that of the common worker. They are typically ignorant to the topic of ergonomics. They would much rather sit than stand or sit on their knees. There’s zero incentive for them to modify their surroundings anyhow & restrictions are in place to prevent that change if they did want it. I know I can’t go buy a floor desk and a pillow nor even a suitable sized monitor to reduce eye strain, neck discomfort, and improve accuracy of each mouse click. –cause I would if I could. 

This is an employer level problem that will never be acknowledged without a shift in social views. 
(desk-aster / desk disaster)


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