wrist weights 

I consider the idea of 1 lb wrist weights and the implications. If worn all day, I would imagine you could see good results for skeletal muscles. It wouldn’t much affect greater strength. 

My weight: 250

250 x 0.053 (5.3%) = 13.25 lbs

If I added 1 lb to that weight, the increase is by 

= (14.25 – 13.25) / 13.25

= 1 / 13.25

= 0.075

7.5% increase in weight of the arm + being at near the end of the limb adds extra momentum. 

A 1/4″ thick, 2″ wide bracelet would be a statement of power.

I just thought, after putting this down for a moment, that’s dang near a bracer. If you were to make a full bracer at that thickness, it’d be an easy 10 lbs. Now THAT would build power to wear — not only skeletal strength. 

If full arm, add 40 lbs per arm. How rediculous that must be at first. Bet it’d be a feat to even eat like that!


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