Stocking List for Mom

Hi Mom,

So you know I’m pretty against saying what I want for Christmas. I know it makes it difficult, since I don’t really need much. Then if I want a toy, I buy it. 

But for a stocking list, I will help you out this year. I can fill it up quick with one item right off the bat. Then I bet I can Tetris the rest up in my mind pretty good. 

  •  Rubber/foam/padded (whatever) nunchucks; I don’t know any best/worst, they’re around 15 bucks from what I’ve seen. I only quickly glanced at this nunchuck link from Amazon. I’m sure any are great- it’s just to attempt to gain some variation of hand control. [There is perhaps 1/4 to 1/3 of the calf to heel]. 
  • Several toothbrushes; 2 is great; [a bit more of ankle] +extra as fillers; I would say toothpaste, but I’m picky. 
  • Zebra mechanical pencilsHere is a link. Buy them at any office place; [mid-sole ~0.88 square inches x 6″ long]
    Zebra pencils. I’ve still got a couple floating around since 2012.
  • Deodorant is always good, though I don’t really use it much. I like the unscented Mitchum, i think is the brand. It’s always a dollar or two more it seems. Deodorant always stinks; except the original or white-capped Old Spice. [half of Toe – 1/2″x4″]
  • You can scrap everything else and stretch my stocking over this:
  • This should fill it pretty good.

  • 2 Decks of Cards; which will swiftly be donated to the house. I recommend you do this with your older daughter (the other will frown at you), her friend, the boy, and your husband; cards are pretty cheap filler, I’d bet; [2nd half of Toe – 3/4″ x 2″ x 4″
  • Fancy soap; yeah I like “fancy” soap. I like the African ones to, the buttery  scent is nice. I aim for the natural types with only essential oils for scent — not fragrances. Kroger in town has nice soaps over near the pharmacy. Or Whole Foods is a great spot for once every few months. [Ankle — 1 bar is 1″ x 1-1/2″ x 3-1/2″]
  • Athlete’s Foot Spray; It’s like I have 1 can somewhere, always and can never find it for inflammations. [~1/2 the calf area (to possibly fill it beside the nunchucks) 1-1/2″ diam x 8″]
  • Headstrap LED flashlight; [size is ~2 x size of a ring box]
  • Knife; haven’t carried one in over a year. It’d be proper to have a business/casual knife that’s easy to fling out with thumb lock. I don’t wanna look like a redneck in front of the managers when I whip out a camo painted buck knife. [mid-sole; you know the size]
  • Don’t (s); Here’s a different look at it. Don’t get:
  1. watch
  2. air gauge gadget
  3. knife/flashlight gadget 
  4. gadget (multi-tool)
  5. nothing that needs throwaway batteries 

How’s that? Hope it helps.

Love you & Merry Christmas,


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