because i own a blog 

I have the ability to openly display my life. I can write stories, keep a journal, take pictures of cats, create a market for Christmas stockings that I get my retired mother to craft, create instruction manuals and post tutorial videos for CATIA, or post whatever mindless dribble that I feel is interesting at any given time. 

I can do all of this and more in a very open way. To the public of the whole world. This is done without needing to jump on social media to blast it down their faces. Yet, if I ever truly get so ballsy as to share my website address with the entirity of my peers, I can freely link my website to my status update. Then you can come at your leisure and read that essay. I can slap on a password and protect it for certain eyes. 

Does a punctuation mark go before or after a parenthesis or quote? 

“Should it be this way?”, Tom uneasily mutters; “also, is this semicolon between quotes and during a speaking role a legit nomenclature of a sentence  (neither way looks proper)”?

* I can even slap up a random question in the midst of a topic. But I am quite interested in an answer to this constant riddle. 

There’s so many times I’d like to say to others, “hey, you should start a blog as active as you are on here.” No matter how I word the phrase in my head, it always comes out like that . . . Dry, sarcastic, and plain mean. So it never gets sent from my keyboard. 

Now — I would certainly recommend it to someone like that who has a purpose other than random snippets. 

Heck, it’s very tempting to do so for the depression types. It could be very therapeutic to release your inner thoughts to the public. And if you create an environment for interaction with your network with the website, that could yield interesting results. Or a nasty spiral into the pits of agony. But any change is progress, right?


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