Training Hurts

Busted my shin just below my knee while trying new techniques. Dropped that copper tube with a loud clang on concrete. 

Ten minutes later I clocked my head with it while doing a normal move. This was after I used my first stick, the thick, black extruded-plastic staff. The weight to length ratio differences must have thrown off my feel. 

I see a bruise forming on the knee area, but I guess Dad was right — i do have a hard head. 

A door knob, a broom, and a road sign for contextual size references.

Finished up the night by cracking myself in the hip. 
That’s 3 blows in one night. I haven’t hit myself in a month or so. Though, this is the first day I’ve put in over an hour in a few months. 


Been 20 hours and the knee bash had no pain. Til I put my knee down on the soft mattress and felt the bruise. No other pains from the other wacks. 

I will say my whole shoulder region is a bit tight. I swung the stick for a half a minute just now. That was after driving or sitting in my truck for 90% of 2 & 1/2 hours. It is wet and cold outside. All that combines to non-warmed-up muscles; especially since I’ve been overly inactive for a year plus and my body isn’t in ready mode. 


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