Sleep Palace

The Sleep Palace is a pod that I would love to have in my house. I’ve been wanting to build one for ages. The idea comes to me almost every time I sit to sketch, but I rarely pursue the drawing. Today, I decided to think it through a bit. 

The intent is to have a place to crank up the heat or a/c to comfort with very minimal cost while leaving the rest of the house at a moderate temperature to cut budget. The Palace is for sleeping primarily, but there’s room to sit. I’d have storage for pens, paper, etc. and a tv mounted on the end wall. The 4×4 foot space is perfect for 40″ but could likely fit up to a 50″ tv. 

Here are a couple sketches of the concept, but it is purely preliminary and there are no wiring or lighting features. I didn’t delve that deep in drawing, only in thought. 

. . . continue one day . . .


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