6 hours in 5 seconds flat 

Then 2 in 3 seconds. 

This work day was one hour and eight seconds long. An hour of that time was lunch break. 

Exageration? Yes, there were several instances that I had to run out to the shop, troubleshoot a CATIA issue, attempt to understand the complexity of a thirty year old engineering drawing that is copied with what appears to be a 30% transparent grey ink, or ask another engineer a question. 

I could rephrase to a more accurate, the day felt like three hours. All those other tasks, besides normal CATIA driving took perhaps two hours. The remaining six flew by in flashes of two to three hours. I was in the zone. It was fun. I worked on six projects – bringing two to completion. Got to do a bit of tinkering with new fixturing ideas, helped out a coworker that appreciates the help, designed a custom bracket to replace a standard piece for a troubled job, and burned down a nasty large fixture with great haste. Even with staying a half hour late for free, I still didn’t feel stressed from the day. 

I do feel it now. Could barely count change at the gas station. A little brain dead. 

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