a bit like camping 

I guess it would not be easy in some areas, but down here in Savannah we can up and decide to sleep outdoors in any weather with just a little preparation. My idea of outdoors in this context isn’t totally outside, yet it isn’t cozy as a house. My extended cab truck was my tent last night. 

By the time of 9:30 am the temperature has risen to forty. I imagine it was near thirty or so last night. I’m chilling in my front seat at the park, reading and writing. I slept in a spot I used many times last year. The locale is directly across from a police station (actually scares me every time – afraid they may “check on me”) and only a quarter mile from Forsyth Park and a mile and a half from River Street. If I would have planned to get sloshed, I would have even ridden my bike from/to truck to skip the possibility of dui. 

I did have the truck idle for a few hours to use the heater. I don’t currently carry a blanket (I did last year), but I do have a pile of clean clothes and a large green towel. I got in the back seat, it’s club cab – not just extended. Covered myself in clothes and laid the towel over all. It isn’t exactly cozy, there is half a seat removed from the rear and a six-foot frame doesn’t fit great into a five foot bed. I slept a chunk of two hours once, with the heat off. Total of perhaps 7 hours sleep. I feel mostly rested. 

Last night was the Christmas party for work. They had offered corporate rates at a couple hotels at 120 or 150 a night. That’s preposterous for me – I am single, hardy, and cost conscious. This is how I travel too: sleep in the truck, usually in a hotel parking lot for a bit better security. Oh, and i do have the locked & loaded Glock for punks at hands reach. Always remember a gallon jug though, for morning time. No shame in it – not like there’s a toilet or a tree in the street. 

Time to wrap up the journal and grab my coffee. And a juice — if the health store starts their press this early. Maybe some pull-ups at Forsyth Park afterwards, I am here already. 

But it’s so cold!


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