Juice & Kombucha 

I would love to toss this into my daily patterns. If only I lived nearer to downtown or needed to come here each day. The juice that I just got is the Peter Rabbit [with extra beet] (carrot, beet, something else?). It is super red, usually has more of an orange tint. The deli offered several flavors of kombucha, six or so. I glanced and the cashier began to name them before I stopped her. Her first suggestion was FIRE, so I went with her gut. The others were like elements of alchemy: water, fire, earth, air, then I imagine a few froofroo names too. 

Looking up the east side of Forsyth Park from the southern end.

I’ve had an urge to eat beets for the last couple months, but I keep ignoring it. Not a craving – just a bit of desire. Finally, I gave in. . . . Finally because it’s not like I have had to stave off a sourcream pound cake, it’s a highly nutritious [and tasty as juice] plant. It might be that my body has been deficient in something that a beet has a bunch of and all I need is a couple bites to get the benefit. 


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