Coding BootCamp

Thanks to GA Tech for offering this great looking program. Also, I appreciate your administration. They got me all siked up for a logic test [fun] & a follow-up phone interview. I’m cool with any of it. Is just like an interview – with more humor and personality. 


What is up with that? The course is 24 weeks with 10 hrs in-class learning. That’s 240 hrs instruction. 

9,500 / 240 ~ $40 per hour 

$396 per week 

But payment plan is generous. [sarcasm] Pay down 2,500 in two weeks. Then $1,167/mo for 6 months. *that is $271/wk*. How generous to extend aid on your program that would run around $634  per credit hours — 15 credit hours — 10 class room hours/wk. 

Excerpt from my reference email.


Edit 12_11_2016

I guess i did also mention in my phone interview that I bought a website. To see how it works and to have a coding challenge. Maybe he’s looked at my site. I did use my undercutsyou@gmail email address. As a coder, geek, etc. – he could connect those dots. 

And great if he does. It’s not my place in the interview to talk bad about the prices; here is the place. It’d be great for him to see how outrageous the prices are. They’re a hair cheaper than SCAD. That’s definitely crazy in that case. But it does hopefully come with connections AND if you do walk out with a 60k job like he tried to practically [1] promise me; then it is worth it. I’d say it is well worth it, in that case. But for me, in the present, $9,500 to pay over six months (with 2,500 down in two weeks) is totally out of the question. 

This will be fantastic if I can get an extra 8 bucks an hour–like I should be earning. I could afford it then. 

  • this is 224/wk after tax 
  • [the class is $271/wk]
  • this leaves 47/wk that I have currently freed up

Heck! This is an investment to what may become a key piece of knowledge to get to my final goal. Coding, that is. If this program helps me get that knowledge one day, it will be worth every penny of 10k!
[1] depending that one keeps up, performs well, and has the innate capability and mindset to full fill the role. Which I’m sure I can handle–assuming I find the work interesting; that is key. 


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