I am in mode for fitness. Yet I fall into old habits easy. Three good weeks in is what it feels like. It has been fairly slow to start as intended, however with me failing to strength train since Sunday (the push-ups), I am going to lose traction if I don’t step it up today. 

Maybe I’ll go out to the welding area now and bust out some push-ups. — did 1 set of 12. 

Back on track somewhat. What I really need is to change my living location to an area more aligned to my outlook. I have a few options in mind, but all are fairly complex to setup because I’d need to raise my income or finish my house remodel. And I don’t want to sign any 1 year leases (unless is cheap to break). 

  • Move to near work 
  • Move to near social area
  • Move to in between those areas 
  • Live in a motel 
  • Rent a room / not a house 



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