dream memory 

Laying here thinking about dreams but I cannot really remember good ones. Only the bad visions. Aliens, baby death, end of the world with aliens, car wrecks, drownings, freddy cruger chasing me, and all sorts of nonsense. There’s also dreams that aren’t bad, definitely not good though, wake up and wonder what that could be predicting. I recall one vividly. On a river street, finding my way through a foreign town. Having had already gone through mazes of confusion and roadblocks; the dream had a strange Alice in Wonderland aura as I found my way up to the end. I was on the dock and a ship sailed by, then a big white cloud shaped like a horse, a Trojan horse. It was dejavue in the dream. The environment became stormy and someone jumped in the river and we all ducked for cover. Then more oddball things.

Do we remember our good dreams long term or just the ones that teach us something?

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