My Stock is Up!

My one stock, BX, is up a couple dollars!

It had dropped down to near 20 and now it’s back up again to 26ish. I don’t have much. I didn’t really save up much enough to be worth buying stock with a $7 fee. I got 9 @ $24.9764 = 231.79 (including the fee). The fee instantly waned my profits by 3%. But that was my 2nd purchase. 

My 1st was for 2 @ $26.88 = 60.76 (with fee). This fee costed 11.5% of value. AND the stock isn’t even back up that high again.  This purchase was investigative in nature to see the process and to get my first stock purchase out of the way. 

#2 came when a good drop came and neared my target of 24. The timing is not accurate without setting limits, which i did not do. 

Either way, the point of the article is to say that it feels great to see progress in the hopeful direction. But I have no intention to sell any time soon. I may not continue to invest if it doesn’t continue to slide up again, but that is a separate issue. This is my kinda risky – kinda high dividend stock that has some extra risk. I aimed for 6% for that risk. It is a small investment, looking long sighted, and still sufficient enough to begin a new start. If all goes well, the stock doesn’t do horrible – I should still get my dividends. I got one amount recently for $4.51. That was awesome. That puts me 63 quarterly installments from making back my initial investment. That is the scarey but hopeful proposition: will this company even last that long?

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