fancy gym

too fancy for me to even attempt going inside. Just looking in from the front gives me the creeps. Way to bright, a huge line of treadmills, and it’s pink or burgundy. Not gonna get me in those doors. I’ll hang out in the parking lot to type this and I’m out. 

‘Tis bout time to take my workout to the outdoor gym anyhow. Maybe this will be my transition time with 2 days to spare on my current gym. The one where I’m comfortable, I can go barefoot, and I have plenty of floor space to stretch upon.

But it is far out of my normal route. On days where I’ll just go home after, it adds about 35 miles. If I were to do anything else, it’d be 15 miled out of the way. Both of these numbers are round-trip figures. In my current vehicle @ 15 mpg that’s 3 – 5 dollars per day, say 4 day/wk is 20 bucks. 20 X 4.3 = 86/mo extra cost to be barefoot. That’s over 100/mo cost. 

With my upcoming if all goes well car, the numbers decrease to 20 + 25 = 45/mo cost. 

The outdoor gym is the playground at the park when darkness falls. I plan to use parallel bars & monkey bars extensively. I did this last year around August yo October it seems. And a couple years back, the time I got really fit. I just needed to get ability to do one pull-up without straining random muscles or damaging ligaments, etc. I can work off of one pull-up with negatives and jumping chin-ups and the like. Plus getting basic ability for monkey bars is a pretty big step towards real fitness. I can work back up to that. Start standing on my head again. 

Lots of stretching, hanging exercises, push-ups, dips, and biking will be the majority of my plan. 


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