The Ex

Just had a first encounter with the ex. 

I’m hanging out at the vacuum/air machine, reading blogs and listening to a podcast. Got my feet propped up on the door in my normal fashion. A lady pokes her head around my door to ask about the air machine. She gets a half sentence out before realizing to whom she speaks. 

Then apologizes for disturbing. I didn’t have much to say except for “I dunno, but I can pull up for you”. 

After pulling up, I had to tell myself to sit back down. Normally, I would have assisted the random woman since she likely wouldn’t be able to work the machine. And I know that she likely is clueless because I knew her well. I stayed in my truck. 

When I initially realized who it was, i was startled. It has been almost two years since I’ve seen the gal. Almost didn’t recognize her, not because she looks different- she hasn’t changed minus the extra girth. She didn’t sound right either. Her voice had a bit too much yankee in it, sounded like Minnesota or something. 

It is strange meeting folks who you have left in life. Whether it’s an old friend, coworker, or wife; never know how to act. It’s like I had to repeatedly tell myself not to hug her and not to be overly nice. I turned into a cold animal in wake of the situation. 

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