listening to a podcast, dude is all about sleep being great for your health and says that magnesium is one of the best remedies. Or rather that removing your deficiency of magnesium will promote better bodily conditions for sleep. 

This picture shows another person’s view, I have not done much research of best for bio-availability, but the podcast interview suggested there is a great product that is a lotion based. 

Magnesium, as far as I am aware, is one of the key ingredients to properly working muscles. It aids prevents spasms and cramps. Does something to increase relaxation of the muscles. 

If magnesium is used in all muscles, as indicated, the effects are widespread throughout the body. Any action, voluntary or non, is productive because of a muscular movement. Thus is affected by magnesium levels. 

Those of us who are on the Standard American Diet have become deficient due to the lack of greens and nuts mostly.

Epsom salt baths are my favored method to get bonus magnesium. It’s cool to feel the amount of sleepiness that is gained when I take the first soak of a while. If you need the magnesium, the effects are immediately noticed when you get sleepy afterwards. This is only realized after using the soaks two or more times each week for a couple months. Then sliding out of the habit for a few weeks or months; to return and get sleepy on the first bath. When I’d soak three times per week, I didn’t get sleepy from it. I imagine this is due to my body not needing to leech it all up so quickly. 

Use quality, the generic crap really does not have the potency that the branded salts have. I’ve tried them all.


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