Dark already 

This one is saved in a strange category of lunch breaks. Lunch breaks that give me exposure to sunlight in the peak of the day – I normally begin breaks 12:30-1:00, which in summer produced the highest levels of flesh crisping rays. This was for during the many days where I pull into my little spot near work. Swap pants, polo, and dress shoes to swim shorts, white T, and barefeet. Roll-out the pad made from a rectangle of carpet atop a roll of foam eggshell. Yank out the pillow and lay down for a quick 20 to 45 minute nap. I’d use a spare black sock as an eye cover. The sun in Savannah, GA is sweltering with very high humidity as a factor. Since I already sweat profusely, I would be able to wring out my clothes. And I’d get the much needed nutrients from the sun in quick daily bursts. 

But now with stinking day light savings nonsense, I get sun in my eyes on the ride   in to work and a mere hour for the end of the work day. And if I were to go home, 45 minutes of that hour is sitting in traffic. If I go sit in shady woods for a half hour, I’ve regained some of that. We don’t really need much real sunlight, but it certainly makes a psychological difference if nothing else to get out of the nonsensical routine of white-collar luncheons. 


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