Gym_week of 11/13/2016

Sunday: a bit sore in the shoulders still. Nothing today, plannon light squats, pull-downs, and whatever else. 

Monday: I skipped the gym, still recovering a bit in the shoulders. Did some stick training for ten minutes when I got home. Did a few rounds of shadow-boxing, sitting in bed, perhaps 10 minutes or so. 

Tuesday: planning to do another shoulder & back workout like Thursday’s routine. 

Today, warmed and stretched, went heavy  row, 4 sets: 7 rep, 3 rep, 1 rep max, & 2 rep also, pull-downs, various grip 6 or so sets , went heavy 3 X 3 at end. 

More stretching. Gone within 45 minutes. 

Wednesday: skipped the gym to go wash clothes. Yesterday was a good fast routine but I don’t feel it today. I’ll plan on doing another back/shoulders workout on tomorrow. I will do some stretching tonight, but not much. 

Thursday: skipped and fell asleep at 8:30 to awake at 6:30 for work. Most sleep in a while during the week, still a bit tired on Friday; must have been catching a cold. 

Friday: outside at the gym now. Started taking creatine today. Will dose before and after. . . 

It’s Sunday, 7am, on Friday:

  • lifted a bit to warm up with shoulder press/curls, no squats- the spots were taken.
  • A few warmup lat pull downs
  1.  light long set
  2. medium weight 2 sets
  3. heavy 1 set
  • jumped over to heavy row and did @15 plate 2 reps that barely touched my chest 
  • down to 13 for rep 3, with no break between any of these sets
  • up to 14 2 sets of 2 reps
  • back to lat pull-downs after a short stretching break for 3 sets of 4 then 3 then 2 reps 

Stretched in between with all, but there was perhaps 15 minutes of stretching directly before the initial lat pull-downs. 

Saturday: got to sleep around ten, i think, on Friday and slept til 2:00, then layed around for Netflix & sleep till now. i can feel some extra back muscle and see new lines in my forearms, where the edges used to be. 

Been resting, catching up a bit for sure, but fulfilling a requirement for proper muscle growth. Great for all the ligaments and joints and brain. 


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