I am nearing the point of the longest job ever. There still is five months to go and I have doubts that I really will last that long.

Sadly though, I was forced out of the longest held job by way of layoff. That was my previous job; it lasted 22 months.

As of a couple days ago, I hit the 18 month mark. That places me with 40 months design experience using CATIA as my main tool and 6 months of CATIA at school. Along with that and my associates degree, I should manage to fairly easily find a new position, even with higher income.

Plus I’ve been getting bored of the work. Yet I enjoy the team I work with more than any other previous job. Just relly sucks that the paychecks are so half assed.



Boredom passed as we now have CNC capability eith 2 CNC machines and a new CNC lathe. I had a few interesting projects and a ton of learning new design concepts to work with the CNC guys. They’re nice, laid-back, but persnickety workers (like the TIG welders) and are a great insight to design once you gain their trust. I attempt to learn from them daily, but still haven’t really seen much action in process. Dude spends a bunch of time programming and setting up shop.

We are to be very busy come summer I hear, so that cuts down on the layoff paranoia a bit.

(@almost 42 months)


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