Still, I can hear the diesel sounds and practically feel the rumbling of the tractor trailers. yet out into the woods, it seems out of my problem zone.

Thick towel to set on. Shoes off. I’d eat if I had food. Mosquitoes are a nuisance as they are swarming me. Yet a little smoke clears them away. I should look into bringing incense. 

I need to escape the whole eat on your lunch break deal as much as possible. It’s all so pointless, you’re a grown-up. Eat at your desk and use your break as a break. Escape off the side of the road, into the woods with a towel. If done within a mile from work, like me – now, the hour is potentially 50 minutes in the peaceful spot. 

If it’s a routine, people at work will laugh if they see, but who cares, they probably just ran to get a greasy hamburger eight miles away while you’re in a zen state amongst trees, bugs, and listening to Pink Floyd. 


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