Pretty soon

I won’t need the gym, just the park or a pull-up bar and a bag or harness with weights. Mainly trying to get up to ability to do multiple pull-ups, chin-ups, or whatever. Then get weights + belt or the like to build strength like that. Squats or jumping with the same weight. Maybe weighted running if i do give running a go. Tempted to get to my sister ‘s pace at least and do a half marathon with them one day. Even though I hate running besides sprints. 

I’ve been saying for years though, if I ever do go for an event as this, I plan to train mostly with sprints and do it barefoot. So, we’ll see how far that gets. 

Soon, I’ll be lurking in the park when the street lights come on. Toting a bag weighing a hundred pounds and likely a stick. I’ll have the parallel bars and monkey bars at my disposal again. That’s more of the training I’d rather be doing than purely strength in dedicated postures. 

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