Bored at work 

I’m getting bored again. Been on the same ole projects for months on end, each one is a bit different and I do try to constantly morph the standard, but it is still getting boring. I’d like to have a new problem to work with, one that I could bring some creativity into the project. Last week’s duty of arranging drawings on a shelf, bringing order to the previous year’s chaos brought its own boredom and helped bring perpective while back into the normal grind. I stay active within my duties by helping to systemize the future of fixturing while designing any newly needed fixture, and working toward aiding anyone else with individual fixturing needs. I feel fairly settled here with the expectations placed on me and by me, yet while knowing the actual expectations from the management are far off from what actually gets done. Any requirement they ever place on anyone from my dept is always to a rate of no less than 8 times our actual ability for a time scale. 

Everything is in a crawl for me now. There’s no push for speed. I haven’t talked with my manager since last week. He may be out if town. 

I am bored of being bored. 

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