Wage Outlook 

I was dreaming of cashflow at the end of my lunch break just now. From the wage numbers that co-contractors that I have worked with have told, and from the positions that I’ve applied toward. It is not unlikely that I could be earning as much as 55/hr in the next year and could likely gain additional compensation for working away from my home. And for jobs like these, there are increased demand for OT to easily get 20 hrs/wk. 

this translates to roughly $2,500 each week after taxes. Or $10,750/month. [(55*40)+((55*1.5)*20))]*0.65=$2,502.50

That’s 64,500 in six months or 32,250 in 13 weeks. 

If saving all except about 3k/mo, that could be easily be 45k chunk to fallback on between jobs. 

Like to see 9k cash savings. With the rest in p2p or dividend stocks. 

And a full year, saving 90k is hard to imagine when I’m barely scooting by now. I’ll likely feel comfortable enough to be picky with job hunting for a bit. Either searching for particular work or better cashflow or city. 

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