This whole wordpress thing is pretty great. I hope I can continue it. A place to store all my digital belongings in public view or saved away privately. Or to set a secret password that can be given for special reasons. So far, everything has been public as I’ve done no research and have no projects in work. That should change one day. It’s only around a hundred bucks a year at the premium rate, where there is a good chunk of storage space. Not sure on the business grade costs, but unlimited storage is possible. If I ever manage to get traction in the blogosphere, that’d be neat, but unexpected. Especially with the name undercutsyou. That was spontaneous and calculated to be an unused & gmail. I have both now. 

If I ever do aim for profit, there is always the ability to buy a new site with an appropriate and catchy url. Then link this site to that site and feed stories or data to the other site(s). Afterall it would likely be best. Set all pages to password protected and link to multiple other sites so that I can relay stories to individual groups with personalized urls. For instance a site that caters to the fru fru folks, to the engineering field, to family – friends, etc. 

it could be quite cathartic to release all my thoughts upon the world. Especially if the sites ever gained consistent readership. That brings hope that you can bring change in your own way — influence positive (hopefully) trends. The few blogs that I listed on my favorites post have certainly changed my perspective on life. Most of the change comes from becoming more aware of the financial problems of our society and the deepset goal to gain enough investments to cover all basic living expenses so that I can focus on any interest that pleases me. 

And to not spit into a rant. The number can be rather low. Based on current and foreseen costs of good living, here’s quick numbers. Scaled to this area and with the expected payrate for aerospace engineering design work.

  • 800 mortgage
  • 200 maintenance 
  • 1000 car/gas/insurance 
  • 400? insurance (I never had ins)
  • 600 food
  • 1000 fun
  • 200 chiropractor, etc

That’s 4200/mo on a payrange of 8000. 

Ability to invest 4000 X 12 = 48k/yr, then the prospective gains are as low as 8%. By year: (rounded)

  1. 48k X 1.08 = 51,840
  2. (51,840+48k) X 1.08 = 107,800
  3. (107,870+48k) X 1.08 = 168,000
  4. (168k+48k) X 1.08 = 233k
  5. (233k+48k) X 1.08 = 281k
  6. (281k+48K) X 1.08 = 355k
  7. (355k+48k) X 1.08 = 435k
  8. (435k+48k) X 1.08 = 522k
  • 6 year mark: 355k @ 4% interest brings 14,200/yr income (1,183/mo) that can be safely earned for life
  • 8 year mark: 522k @ 4% = 20,880/yr (1,740/mo) for life 

1740 is very reasonable for living on once established for that time. That’s about my freedom number. Based on current inflation. 

Battery is dying and it’s running on 10:00 and my stomach is growling. So to the store i ride. 


So, the 8,000 payrange is 50/hr * 40 =2,000 * 70% = $1,400/wk * 4.3 ~ 6,000 (

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