Monkey Bars

There will soon be monkey bars running down the hallway in my house. It may be tomorrow or two weeks from now, but it will be soon. 

I have been dreaming of it for months. I made drawings and planned a construction process a couple weeks ago and if I wasn’t so dirt poor on that day, it would have been done then. 

The bars will be supported by 2 x 10’s that are screwed to the wall and likely another supporting board. With notches or slots cutout to support. I might just sneak in some design now, on CATIA.

Everyone has screamed resell value. Bah, it’s just a few holes to puddy when near finish. And it should be to rent, not sell. But it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe next week, after I get me a new car. Then I can actually afford it with improved cash-flow. 


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