I might buy a SmartCar

Talking about cars is an everyday deal in this office, but it’s normally regarding the ones that these engineers dream about.

They suggested a smartcar to me since they know my situation. All our income is substantially lower than it should be, small company and all. But we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well, so they know I’d like to ditch the gas-hog truck for a compact. It is a Mercedes, built as a one piece frame, and handles surprisingly well during crashes. 


Yesterday, I applied to CarMax for ability to buy. I’m planning to call the rep back today and hopefully setup to checkout some cars on Saturday. I have to put the door panel back on my truck’s door and clean the interior first. Wash the exterior too. Maybe i can get setup for s new ride soon. 

I’ve been wanting to go for cheap auto for a long time. I’m ready to see the extra estimated $350+ each month stay in my bann account. I’m feeling desperate to get my house payments back into a regular on-time cycle. 

And I’m looking into fiat500 too. I’m interested in other options, but I really like the tiny cars if they are comfortable enough. 


Planning to lose 5k on the truck and roll that cost into a new 14k loan for a 8k car. Need to clean and bolt the rear seat back in. 


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