Gym_week of 11/6/2016

Sunday: relaxation and card games 

Monday: skipped for card games with family since they are leaving Tuesday 

Tuesday: had an odd feeling in right hip flexor so I didn’t do many squats as I planned. I should have gotten to gym earlier, was near close. Perhaps I could have stretched that out better and do more. 

  • Squats with 95 lbs, 5 sets of 3 to 5 while mixing in shoulder presses during rest with the same bar and weights 
  • Mixed in stretched between sets
  • Mixed in lat pull-downs & pull-up style pull-downs with random moderate weight and hangs from chinup bar
  • Was in/out of gym within 25 minutes

Wednesday: today I had things yo do after work and couldn’t make it to the gym like I wanted. My quads are a bit sore today

Tomorrow’s plan:

  • squats
  • a couple deadlifts
  • a few shoulder presses
  • heavy rows
  • lat pull-downs
  • bar hangs
  • plenty stretching 

For squats, I will use only around 70 or 80 pounds (lower than Monday’s 95) to go light on the hip flexor and stretch plenty after. 

Warm-up with squats and presses like Monday; tossing in lght weight pull-downs and bar hangs. Then stretch a bit. Then alternate between heavy row & pull-downs (mixing between wide & narrow grips and palm facing direction). I want to aim for a couple moderate weight sets each. Then progress up to a 2 rep max within 3 sets on each exercise. Then stretch an extra bit. Then do a few sets of deadlifts. Likely only 1 or 2 at a time between more stretching. Aiming on form with a lower weight amount. This should all take about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the amount of stretching. 

Ultimately, I’ve also been meaning to add on 15 minutes of sauna time. Hopefully tomorrow. 

Thursday: went almost exactly as planned except for:

  • no deadlifts 
  • no sauna 
  • after the light squats plus moderate shoulder press as a warm up mixed with lat pull-downs
  • went straight into two rep max with heavy rows, did 3 sets like that; dropped down a plate and did a set of 9; 
  • then swapped from 2 rep max pull downs & same for heavy rows for 2 sets each 
  • Then stretched heavily for 45 minutes or so. 

For tomorrow, I hope to do some rehab style light squats again, deadlifts, pull-downs, stretching. 

      My plan is to get great flexibility, work to get strong as possible through lifting heavy weight @ a typical 80-90% range, the 2 rep area. Dropping down/up in weight as req’d to keep that 2 rep max. around 6 sets with some moderate weighted high rel in between. Do this in virtually every exercise, as possible. The tight flexor limits my squats from that now, but it should heal before too long. 


Friday: skipped on Friday due to pop-tarts & donuts. And because as I was overly sore in my shoulders, tri-ceps, snd upper-back. Good sleep–I’m now awake 7:30 a.m./saturday

No since in overtraining or injury. A break is nice, perhaps I’ll do something today. 

Saturday: finished the week by sleeping for half the day. Still sore, even on Sunday, in the shoulder/tri-ceps. 


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