Election Night

There’s gonna be some butt sore folks in my office tomorrow no matter which way this sucker swings. I could not care less.

I did just read an article today regarding the supreme justice picks that will very likely be picked in the near future by the new president. The swing vote of the council will change the ability for laws to be passed or nay when the next member joins. It could be republican values: less taxes, guns, and un-abortable kids on one hand; versus more taxes, less (or no) guns, and dead babies everywhere. 

That’s where I could care less. First off, their promises are not guaranteed. Especially considering one is a flip-flopping liar who tries to please everyone to get her way and the other is a publicity whore who lies about his past and denies things he’s said on camera. Either way sucks and we can’t really trust their word. 

Honestly though, I personally believe abortion is an abomination and hope I’ll never participate. However, I am pro choice. This is a recent change of mind, along with my acceptance of homosexual marriage and several other social topics. These things I do not want to do should not be forced on others. If you want to kill your baby, do it. If you want to marry as a gay couple, good luck; like the rest of us, you need it. 

If you fear someone’s soul will be sent to Hell because they aren’t doing exactly what your religion says and you try to force it down their throats, then be ready for them to not accept the invite. They will make up their own minds. Giving someone the legal option is not going to change anything, it’s not like they can’t abandon their child another way. Afterall, those foster homes aren’t typically the best environment for raising God fearing babies. And in reality, if you believe that no child will burn in fire without the knowledge of sin or godliness, you are sending them straight to Heaven. The foster kids will grow up wondering why they were abandoned and questioning the the idea of God. Would you really rather have a possible godless kid than a baby in heaven?

If you’re religious, spread the word and quit laying judgement. Do what your wristband says and do what Jesus did. Love others and support them. Let them make mistakes and pray that they come around your way. Don’t forbid them from acting on their emotions and work on your ownself. After all, if you read the Bible, there are multitudes of contradictions and thousands of versions of sin. Unless you are perfect (ha), you have zero right to judge. All sins are equal. Or do you disagree and feel that your issues do not need the blood of the lamb to cleanse?

If they take our guns, I’ll be scared. But we won’t be the first country. And that country hasn’t blown up. Learn to fight. Carry your dagger and be happy that you are less likely to get mugged by a gun and actually have a chance. I do believe losing guns will disgrace the country’s founders and it may be the start to an end of freedom. But if it happens, you will cope. Or die.

Perhaps I’m too much of a realist and have an open mind that should be shut like most people I know. 

But that’s not going change, got to flow with the stream and try to find a boat along the way. 



Trump wins

I think that means racism, gender inequality, and total ignorance is now PC again. 


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