Traffic to Work 

After arriving to work twenty seven minutes tardy on yesterday and a half hour late during last week several times, all due to unexpected traffic, I decided to leave the house extra early. 

The traffic has been horrendous because of the roadwork that is barely noticeable. The trip has been virtually doubled in time. I cannot imagine doing this routine for years at a go as is seen in areas like the inbound Atlanta areas. I would have never attempted to buy a house in my town three years ago if I would have forseen even the traffic that I have been getting, much less the way it has been. 

The trip on yesterday took an hour and fifteen minutes while leaving at my standard time. Today I left the house at ten after six, just twenty minutes early. Traffic was slow but steady and I managed a route of less than a half hour. I have been chilling in my truck for fifteen minutes with my barefoot feet propped on the door, watching my coworkers arrive one by one. 

Leaving so early allowed me to relax for a long period before walking into work while losing a half hour of sleep. Yet I gained a nice long shower instead of the normal three minute quicky. 

I really don’t like being so early, the time feels wasted. I’m here at work too much already. I can’t imagine I will ever understand the old values of being to work extra early, just in case you get a flat tire or other emergency. 


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