Golf_card game

We tried this tonight. Mom, big sis, her kid, & her friend. There’r many options to pick from as it’s a game played in many countries by many variations. We used 2 decks for 5 players. 

Games are played in rounds of 18 or 9 (like holes in a golf course).

6 cards on table in rectangular pattern, face down. 3 columns by 2 rows. 

Flip 2 of these to face up. 

Remainder of cards in mid table with standard discard pile.

Clockwise play, 1st person may pick off deck or discard pile. Look at card and exchange any of the 6 cards with that card, leaving it face up. 

The point of game is to get the lowest score. The round ends when all players’ cards are face-up OR a player knocks on table – the other players get 1 final card exchange each. 

Cards are scored as:

  • A thru 10 as 1, 2, 3, etc
  • J & Q are 10
  • K is 0
  • Joker is -5
  • If cards in column match, then they cancel out to 0
  • If you get matching cards in two columns side by side (square) points are -20
  • If 2 columns match with middle columns not matching, points are -10
  • If you knock to end the round and you end up with lowest score, then you get additional-10
  • But if you knock and don’t get lowest score, then you lose 10 (adding +10 points)
  • Whenever all cards are face-up, the last flip is considered as a knock, but there’s no bonus or penalty. 


Real game with 6 player:

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