So that lightning doesn’t strike me down 

I’m sitting in the church parking lot to wait for my people. Haven’t been in ages. Practically the only reason is because there is nothing for me. Except salvation perhaps, not that I believe just going to church brings that opportunity. 

There’s no community for me there. That’s the point of it, socialization in a good meaning environment. A place to fit in and belong to a like minded group. 

I tried the largest and most funded church during last year for a couple months, but didn’t really feel any connection then either. Sermon and singing ends and folks just dip out. I tried to pickup one chick on an early visit. She’s like “sure, but I got to go to the nursery to pickup my kid”. And I’m like “was nice meeting you, see you around” haha. Didn’t get much more interaction. Even the dude from work blew me off to do his trash pickup duty. Like WTF man?

Parent’s church is either old people, youth, or middle aged and married . . . Nothing for me there. 

Before I got my current job, I was at a restaurant with a buddy. In a german-tai restaurant where seating was limited. We shared the table with three who were members of Church of Nazarene. I had a sketchbook out that had sketches of my floor plans and kitchen layout. This sparked conversation about design. Turns out the gentleman was a dept head of our local aerospace manufacturer. He offered us to join their worship AND best of all to put in a good word for me to the hiring crew. 

I never got a job, yet he explained how their group aims to help out like that. To give you an opportunity for community and help with life essentials. That touched my heart more than anything and taught me a lesson in the responsibility that all churches should hold on to. But they don’t.

Looky there, finished ten minutes ago and the parking lot is clear. I’m out. 


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