Milk in fridge 6 months 

I know it is disgusting, yet it’s still there. 

The date on jug is May 16, 2016. Today is November 5, 2016. 

What is the consistency of the milk?

What kind of chemical reactions happen as it spoils? Toxicity? 

The jug became swollen and burst the seal of the lid a couple months or so ago. Smells like strong, spicy cheese. Some of the milk has laminated the lower two shelves across the majority of surface. 

I wouldn’t dare taste it. I will likely use a stick to yank it out by the handle when I finally remove it. 

When I bought the house, the fridge was in poor shape. Broken shelf gaurd and drawers. I removed the drawers and use as storage in a closet. The insides had nasty scent too. I had planned to replace during remodeling of house upon purchase.

I barely use it. I get pizza or grapes or coffee creamer. That’s about all that’s been in there in six months. 

Until I plan to have a lady over, however, it is a bit of an experiment. Not like I have other visitors either. 


[EDIT 1_2_2017]

I trashed this finally on New Year’s Eve. It was sloshy and smelled like a dead possum when it opened up in the big green trash can. The scent had already passed by New Year’s Day. 

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